Graphic Design

logo design

Your logo should explain to your customers in seconds who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. It is a difficult task, but I pride myself in helping you attain the quality logo design that your company needs. A professional logo should be flexible enough to be used in all types of media (from a website to business cards to even billboards) without loosing quality or effectiveness. A logo is the most important part of your company’s branding and should be something that will stand the test of time.

brochures, postcards, & flyers

Whether you are promoting an event, new product, or even a basic informational brochure, I can design the custom piece that is just right for you.

business cards, letterhead & envelopes

Every business needs these basic marketing pieces. All of my designs are completely custom and will continue your brand recognition. A custom design helps you to stand out above the crowd!

holiday cards, invitations & baby announcements

I love designing cards for that special occasion! Your holiday cards, wedding invitations, and baby announcements should be a keepsake for everyone who receives it. I can help you to create the perfect card for that special moment.

product packaging design

If you have a product that needs packaging, I’m the person that can design the packaging for you. Whether it is custom CD/DVD cases or labels for your old VHS tapes, I can design a memorable package for you.

electronic illustration

Not only am I a graphic designer, but I am classically trained in fine artists. My degree is in Art and I love to work on electronic illustration projects. I begin almost all my designs by creating a traditional drawing by hand and then move into the computer where I clean up the image and make it usable for all types of different marketing pieces. Contact us today to get started!

custom t-shirt designs

There are a million possibilities for t-shirts! From a corporate promotion to the fun and wacky, I can design them all.

custom projects

I can help you make your project a reality! If you need something special such as notepads, stickers, door hangers, magnets, advertisements, or vinyl car decals, I can make that happen for you!